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Why Shop With Us

Read along and we will tell you why you will want to shop with us.

Kellie, owner of Unique Lighting and Home Decor has been providing her customers with lighting and home decor since she first opened her doors in 2007. She believes your lighting and home decor should be as unique as you are an individual. Kellie prides herself on offering something for everyone and every budget. Whether your style is traditional, modern,vintage or electric, we have something for you. Kellie has years of knowledge and stays up to date on the latest trends and styles. Feel free to reach out anytime. If you can't make it to the store, Kellie is happy to do a lighting consult at your home. Below is a list of what we carry at our store. Have any questions, please fell free to reach out.

Kellie carries the following products:



Under Cabinet Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Track Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Interior Lighting

If it's great ideas you seek visit unique!

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