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Cath up on Quick Tips.

* Dining room table light should hang 30-34" above table on a 8' ceiling. Add 3" to the install height for each additional foot of ceiling.

* For a two story entryway, hang entry light fixture 5' from ceiling.

* A bathroom sconce should hang at eye level. Approximately 65-70" from floor.

* Exterior door wall light should hang at eye level or about 6" above the top of the front door.

* Recessed lighting is about the effect of the light, not just the lights' position in the room. Recessed lighting over the sink or range can ensure even illumination in the most functional areas of your kitchen.

* Track and Monorail Lighting. When your plans don't allow the use of recessed lighting and you want to have a well-lit space, track lighting can be an attractive and functional choice.

* The quality of light is important in the bathroom. Use 2700K or 3000K color temperature to get an appealing color tone. A CRI of 90-100 is the best in order to see the subtle colors of your skin, makeup and hair.

* Island art. Over a kitchen island a statement chandler or pendant bridges the gap between ceiling and workspace.

* To cast light in multiple directions using a chandelier, look for one with unshaded or translucent shades.

* Many foyers and entryways are sweeping spaces, but ut if yours isn't, choose a fixture that gives you at least 7' between its bottom and the floor.

* How to pick the right size of fixture for your foyer or entry? Measure the width and length of space. Add those two numbers together (in feet). That number is approximately the width in inches of a good size fixture for the entry.

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