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Q & A on all things lighting

Q: What is a ceiling fan's blade pitch?

A: It is the angle the blade tilts from the middle out. Many fans have about a 10-15 degree blade pitch, any less and the fan will not circulate much air.

Q: What it the biggest bedroom lighting mistake owners make?

A: Lack of layered lighting.

Q: Can I really swap all my bulbs for LED's?

A: The number, quality and type of LED bulbs has grown exponentially. There are very few home applications you can't use LED's for.

Q: What is the difference between wattage and lumens?

A: Lumens is the measure of a bulbs brightness. In contrast a light bulb's wattage indicates how much energy it will use. When shopping for an LED you will want to pay attention to the number of lumens.

Q: Which way do I have my blades rotate in the summer/winter?

A: Summer - counter clockwise. Winter - clockwise.

Q: What does the "K" stand for on my LED light bulb?

A: "K" stands for Kelvins. It is the measurement of the color of a lightbulb. For example, a bulb may be 2400K. Kelvins indicates it's relative closeness in color to sunlight which is about 6500k.

Q: How low should my chandelier hang over my dining room table?

A: For a 8' ceiling 30-34" above the table. For each additional foot of ceiling height add 3" to the light install height.

Q: How high should I hang my bathroom sconces?

A: At eye level. Approximately 65-70" from the floor.

Q: I have a recessed light where I want to hang a pendant. Do I have to remove the recess light?

A: All you would need to use is a can converter. It adapts a recessed to any other type of light fixture. #followusonfacebook

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