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Lighting Layers is easy as 1.2.3.

* Lighting Layers in three easy steps:

Approach every room with the notion that lighting comes in three's and you will notice an immediate difference.

1. Overhead lighting supplies both focal point and illumination.

2. Task lighting makes working and gathering easier.

3. Accent lighting is the final touch for art, shelves, and more.

* Three lighting layers to a kitchen:

1. A dining table fixture should supply around 30 lumens per square foot.

2. The number of pendants over an island depends on the islands depth and width, as well as pendant size.

3. Install under-cabinet and in cabinet lights on dimmers so you can adjust the brightness.

* Three tricks of lighting:

1. Layered Lighting. Three layers in every space.

2. Dimmers. Everywhere. With a dimmer you are in full control of the amount of light you have.

3. Scale matters. Length + Width (in feet) of room = diameter of chandelier in inches.

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