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Be a Design Pro in Minutes

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

* Light is the one element that impacts every facet of your home and Unique Lighting and Home Decor can help you find the best lighting to improve your decor as well as your mood, health, and work.

* Complimenting natural lights one of the biggest balancing acts lighting designers face. In a space with copious windows and little shade an oversized chandelier solves space and illumination concerns.

* The color of your light fixture is just another one of the considerations to make in the overall composition of your room. If you lean neutral in your decor use a richer material such as a deeply painted metal or wood, so your chandelier works as a grounding element.

* Light fixtures that cast their glow upward in a bath to help eliminate unflattering shadows during grooming time.

* A shimmering fixture with crystals helps bounce light in a a space.

* A gentle glow of light hidden in trees or above a structure such as a pergola can help mimic bright moonlight glow.

* Inset light creates dramatic illumination without clutter.

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